As a sandwich manufacturer membership not only confers on you recognition as an endorsement for your business but also provides your business with real commercial benefits.

Additionally, your support helps to provide funding for the work done by the Association to promote growth and to safeguard the interests of the sandwich market from which you derive your livelihood.

The cost of manufacturing membership is calculated based on the number of sandwich producing sites as well as the overall number of sandwiches produced each week.

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Key benefits of becoming a Recommended BSA Sandwich Manufacturers.

Annual technical audit by the BSA’s auditor with a report designed to help you meet the best standards. After the initial audit, this is included as part of your membership each year. You also receive a certificate stating that you meet BSA Standards.

Endorsement and Certification
Certification as a Recommended BSA Sandwich Manufacturer as well as the the right to use and display the Association logo in your marketing and on packaging, which acts as a further endorsement for your business.


  • A full page devoted to your business on and inclusing in the listings on the supplier directory of our trade website 
  • Inclusion in the directory listings of International Sandwich & Snack News Magazine
  • Listing as a member in the International Sandwich & Snack News Annual Directory
  • A new member welcome profile in International Sandwich & Snack News when you join

New Business Leads
Inclusion on our tender service which is used by business as varied as the NHS, SPAR, The House of Commons and numerous local authorities, schools and universities when searching for new suppliers.

Industry Networking
The opportunity to attend meetings and events organised by the Association where you can network/meet other members, including leading sandwich retailers;

Technical Forum
The opportunity for your technologists to attend Technical Forum meetings where they will meet others from the industry as well as hear speakers on a variety of relevant issues. Speakers regularly attend from Government Departments.

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All members enjoy the following benefits:

Advice and Guidance
All members have free access to the BSA Helpline service and to the guidelines and advice, this includes technical and legal advice.

Primary Advice
Member are also covered by the Association’s Primary Authority agreement, which means that if they follow the BSA Assured Advice guidelines they are protected if they are challenged by EHOs in relation to these.

A voice with Government
As a Stakeholder recognised by Government, the Association provides a voice for members on issues affecting industry, such as labour shortages, packaging waste and obesity targets.  

Keeping up to Date
All members receive regular updates via ebulletins covering changes in legislation and other issues that could affect their businesses. 

Membership includes free subscriptions to be Sandwich & Food to Go News and Café Life magazines, each worth £55pa.

Market Reports
The Association publishes reports on the market from time-to-time which are circulated to members free.

Business Insurance
To help retailers get the best possible deal, the Association has linked up with a specialist insurance broker who understands the sandwich and café markets.   Those signing up to use this facility, which covers both mobile and fixed site operations, get free membership as an added benefit when they join.

Food Safety Training
With all those handling food (including delivery drivers) needing basic food hygiene training, the cost can mount up.   The Association has developed its own on-line training programme which is available to members for just £15 + VAT per person.

To help members save money, the Association has linked up with two partners who specialise in finding the best deals for members.   Neither is tied to any one supplier and their service is free and without obligation. They can also help telecoms accounts and services such as vehicle tracking.

Small Business Accounting
The Association has forged an agreement with accountancy firm KPMG to give members three months free support if they take up KPMG’s Small Business Accounting service.    This fixed-fee accounting service is designed for small businesses like those in the sandwich and cafe industry.  The service offers to manage the financial administration for small businesses, leaving the owners to concentrate on the day-to-day business.    

Business Finance
Members needing finance to buy a business or equipment are offered especially good terms through an agreement with GSM Finance.

Fuel Discounts
Although petrol and diesel prices are better than they once were, members can still reduce the costs of fuel further through the agreement the Association has with the Fuelcard People.   Members can generally save up to 5p a litre through this agreement which can mount up if you operate fleets of delivery vehicles.

These and other benefits are open to ALL our members.

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