One of the core activities of the Association is providing businesses with advice and help when they need it, whether it is in finding a new supplier, resolving a technical problem or simply getting a second opinion on an employment issue.

Because the Association is the focal point for everything to do with your industry, we generally know where to go to get answers to your questions (if, indeed, we do not already have them).

From technical issues and recipes to the law, we are there to support you, allowing you to concentrate on building your business with peace of mind.

In addition to our own Advice Line, all full BSA members have access to a free legal help-line staffed by lawyers who can help you deal with legal issues, whether they are personal or to do with your business.

Equally, on technical issues, the Association employs a technical manager and has access to leading experts in a wide range of areas. So, if you have questions relating to technical matters of any sort, help is generally just a phone call away.