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About Flexeserve®

Flexeserve® A brand of The Alan Nuttall Partnership

Flexeserve® is the industry-leader in hot-holding units and food-to-go solutions – exporting its products and services around the world. Flexeserve® enables major global retailers and independent outlets alike to improve their hot food programme, reduce food waste and increase profits.

Invented, developed and assembled in the UK, the unique and patented range of Flexeserve® heated units are revolutionising all sectors of the hot food market by improving food quality, extending shelf life and increasing the variety of food that operators can serve.

A brand of The Alan Nuttall Partnership, Flexeserve® is the only company able to help its customers achieve true hot-holding, through its Flexeserve® Solution.

This all-encompassing service, delivered through the expertise of their highly experienced inhouse culinary team, features five elements – product, cook method, packaging, in-store service and the technology of its hot-holding units, Flexeserve Zone® and Flexeserve Hub®.

The result is food held at optimum serving conditions for unparalleled hold times without compromising quality.

This holistic approach not only unlocks the opportunities of hot-holding packaged food, it also delivers excellent food security, limiting contact before consumption – all whilst reducing single use plastics.

The Flexeserve® product range currently features:

  • Flexeserve Zone®: the patented, industry-leading heated display, available in a range of sizes in both countertop and floor standing models.
  • Flexeserve Zone® Rear Feed: all of the compelling benefits of Flexeserve Zone® with the added convenience of restocking from behind the counter.
  • Flexeserve Hub®: a high capacity and versatile unit that can hot-hold large quantities of packaged food using Flexeserve® unique hot air recirculation technology, designed to revolutionise both front and back-of-house operations.
Flexeserve® is represented internationally by a portfolio of distributors that support its customers across the world and help share the company’s expertise and promote the benefits of hot-holding with Flexeserve® products.
 Flexeserve Hub 600 Express Grill                            Flexeserve Zone 4 Tier 1000 Cafe