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About Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd (Puredrive Fine Foods & Taste Original Foods)

Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd is a family owned Dutch company, employing over 1600 people across 13 sites in Europe and USA. Puredrive Fine Foods and Taste Original Food Concepts are divisions of Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd.

Puredrive Fine Foods is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cooked sausages and meat products to the retailing, foodservice and manufacturing sectors of the food industry. Puredrive’s product range includes a diverse range of cooked sausages, from cocktail to jumbo; disc sliced and plank sliced, and in a variety of flavours and textures; meatballs and formed meat products in many different sizes and varieties; stuffings, black pudding, pates, Indian snacks and accompaniments and pigs in blankets.

Taste Original Food Concepts is a market leading supplier of fully cooked ethnic meat snacks. The product portfolio includes chicken satay and kebabs, meat bites and coated products. Products are available in a comprehensive range of flavours inspired by world cuisines including the Far East and India, South America and Europe.

A wide selection of pack formats makes the products suitable for many applications from small snack packs through to bulk pack options for manufacturers.

Zwanenberg’s experienced management team and flexible production capabilities enable the development and manufacture of bespoke products to suit your specific requirements.