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About Halal Kitchen Ltd

In the 90’s, the Patel Brothers had a large number of independent Petrol Service Stations, they told the sandwich supplier to their sites not to supply any Pork or Ham based products due to their religious beliefs. 

The sandwich supplier decided not to supply them, the Patel Brothers employed a couple of staff to produce sandwiches in their then head office kitchen to supply to their sites.  Along the way other retailers were impressed by the strong position and determination of the Patel Brothers and decided to take products in their outlets.

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 Slowly but surely the business grew with word of mouth being the most valuable advertising tool and one van has now become a fleet of vans touring the North West, Yorkshire and Central Midlands. 

That staff kitchen also grew to a fully accredited by STS (Support Training Services) factory and today Halal Kitchen Ltd is based in Manchester, UK, employing over 50 staff we are Manufacturers and Distributors of Halal chilled foods.

The market which the Patel Brothers have created in serving Halal chilled food on the go, no one was serving.  The demand within the Muslim community has always been there, however they were never being served or being offered an alternative to the veg filled chilled food to go lines especially Sandwiches. 

Recently a study has been done to find there are 6 million people who buy Halal meat in the UK, office for national statistics show there are around 3.5 million Muslims in the UK. 

At Halal Kitchen we pride ourselves in the authentic flavours, variety and quality of products we produce, not just using the “Halal” factor as a unique edge but incorporating all these qualities to target the wider market. 

Express Cuisine is our most well-known and established brand having over 13 year’s presence in the market place.  It’s a brand recognized through our unique design, eye catching products and blend of authentic fillings this has proven to be a desirable choice for the consumer looking for a quality 100% Halal chilled food item.

Our new product development team are constantly working on new products and fillings pioneering this brand to be a market leader. 

The structure of the company works on the ethos of providing everything Halal (Anything permitted by Sharia, which is an Islamic law) without compromising in quality. 

With your support and encouragement we strive to set the highest standard in the industry and be the benchmark of chilled food.