The Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health have issued a factsheet reminding those providing food to vulnerable people of the key steps they can take to minimise the risk of listeriosis. This factsheet is mainly for those involved in healthcare catering. However, you may wish to be aware of this, particularly if any of you supply chilled ready-to-eat foods to healthcare organisations.

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Bought Sandwiches

Sandwiches with high salt fillings
Includes sandwiches and wraps where the filling includes cured meat (e.g. ham, bacon, pastrami, chorizo, salt beef etc), olives, anchovies and smoked fish, hard cheese, prawns, crayfish, crab and tuna.

Salt target: 0.9g salt or 360mg sodium (average) - 1.5g salt or 600mg sodium (maximum)

Sandwiches without high salt fillings
Includes all sandwiches and wraps with lower salt fillings e.g. chicken, vegetables, egg etc. (e.g. where ingredients are other than those specified in high salt filling category above).

Salt target: 0.68g salt or 270mg sodium (average) - 0.88g salt or 350mg sodium (maximum)

Soups (as consumed) including canned, dried, condensed, ambient and fresh

Salt target: Average 0.53g salt or 210mg sodium (average) - 0.63g salt or 250mg sodium (maximum)

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